Unlock the Potential of Urban farming

Who are we?

Cofarm is a groundbreaking agricultural platform that connects urban farmers directly with restaurants, revolutionizing the supply chain of fresh vegetables.

Our platform addresses the challenges faced by both restaurants and farmers by providing a comprehensive ecosystem of support, services, and expertise.

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Our Vision

Cofarm's vision is to create a sustainable and mutually beneficial ecosystem where farmers thrive and restaurants receive a reliable supply of fresh, high-quality vegetables.

We are committed to leveraging technology, data-driven insights, and industry expertise to transform the agriculture sector and contribute to the growth of local communities.


Become our partner

Cofarm's franchise model offers aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to become part of a sustainable agriculture ecosystem by establishing their own Cofarm franchise.

As a franchisee, individuals gain access to Cofarm's expertise, technology, and support to cultivate and sell high-quality produce to local restaurants. The franchise model enables farmers to benefit from Cofarm's established network, demand data, and productivity while receiving ongoing training and guidance.

By joining Cofarm's franchise, entrepreneurs contribute to the growth of sustainable agriculture, promote local food production, and play a vital role in addressing the challenges faced by both farmers and restaurants in the supply chain.

Our Products and Services

Planting Management System

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Training and Consultant

Cofarm - Farm For Local

Our Social Enterprise project, Cofarm - Farm For Local, has received grants and support from the prestigious US Embassy's YSEALI Seeds for the Future 2023 Program. This funding will be dedicated to empowering the local community of Thaxang Village by providing them with the necessary resources and knowledge to engage in urban farming practices, specifically hydroponics. Through comprehensive training programs and access to advanced agricultural techniques, we aim to uplift the livelihoods of the villagers and create economic opportunities within the community. By harnessing the power of data-driven planting, we enable the locals to cultivate high-quality produce consistently, meet market demands, and enhance their income-generating potential. This initiative not only contributes to the social and economic empowerment of the individuals in Thaxang Village but also lays the foundation for sustainable agriculture and food security in the region.

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YSEALI Seeds for the Future


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Our Customers

Tomou BBQ

Kamou BBQ

Meet the Team

Alob Maniboth


  • Founder of Tomou BBQ

Keerati Panyapitisophon


  • Founder of Xaymahasub Co., Ltd

Prisa Senduangdeth


  • Cofounder of 2nd Hand World

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